Exercises you can do at 39 weeks pregnant!

I was so excited when my friend Amanda suggested we do a little video of exercises to do at the end of your pregnancy.  Amanda is 39 weeks pregnant to the day in this video and doing amazing!  She was very active throughout her pregnancy so was able to handle these moves like a champ!

We focused on movements that would work the pelvic floor, engage hip flexibility and mobility and create proper alignment for the baby to move into the ideal position for labor.  These exercises were not meant to get a "killer workout" in but keep Amanda engaged and active all the way through the end.  I heard a wives tale that said "If a woman cleans all the floors in her house on hands and knees by the time she is done the baby will be in the right place for labor."  Instead of cleaning :) we use that hands and knees position in our exercises to move little baby Ruby to the center of her belly!

As always, before you perform any exercises while pregnant make sure you've consulted your midwife, practitioner and OBGYN and they have cleared you for activity.  Have plenty of water on hand and if you ever feel light headed or dizzy stop the activity and breathe deeply.  

Complete 3 rounds of each exercise doing 10-12 repetitions.  
Equipment needed: Stability ball and dumbbells.

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