Love big, live vibrantly

and shine bright my friends!



Accountability Group

The power of team is massive.  We often have no
problem quitting on ourselves, but when you have to
show up for a show up! The daily check-in
and accountability will change the way you look at
your health, fitness and you!

Personal Training

I am a fitness expert certified through The National Counsel on Strength and Fitness.  I primarily focus on sculpting your body through weight training. Additionally I incorporate balance training, flexibility and nutrition coaching.  We work together to sculpt the body of your dreams. 



My blog is all about empowered education.  Along with life lessons, tips, and insights, I highlight women across the country who inspire me greatly!  These women are truly incredible and have beautiful messages.  You can find their stories under #52in52

Beachbody Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

The Balance Method Academy

Coaching is for anyone who is looking for more in their life! Coaching has changed MY life physically, emotionally and financially.  It has given me more purpose and shown me the true power and joy of paying it forward.   

I believe that in order to reach your goals you must first love yourself.  You are beautiful, worthy and a unique light in this world. Through my coaching program you'll rediscover your light and shine bright!


The Balance Method Academy is a 5-week online course giving you the opportunity to master the fundamentals of health so you can truly love yourself again.  I boil down all of my past experiences and lessons so you can learn my best practices and live a more fulfilled life. 

“Strength was gained not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well! Super happy with my experience." - J.B.

Featured In

Fitness Magazine
Shape Magazine
Hollywood Hillbillies
Workout's A Drag
American Ninja Warrior's Well Trained Warrior Segment