My name is Becky Jennings and I am the founder of The Balance Method™.  Have you ever not wanted to go somewhere for fear of what others might think of you? Have you ever said some pretty terrible things to yourself as you look in the mirror?  Do you think there is no way to ever feel good about yourself let alone be proud of yourself?  I had all of those feelings for a very long time.  In fact, my background with food and exercise was not always pretty.  At age 11 there was a pivotal moment that forced me to become aware of my body in relation to my peers. I noticed who was skinnier, who was bigger, and where I fit into the mix. When I started dancing, being the skinniest was the only thing on my mind. From then on I was obsessed with working out and for over the next eleven I years struggled with Anorexia, exercise bulimia (though I didn't know it was called that at the time) and severe body dysmorphia.

After college, (still not fully recovered), I moved to New York City where the accessibility and allure of all the amazing restaurants and foods took a toll on my body. I allowed myself to get swept up in the excitement and I let the good food and amazing cocktails comfort me during this time of change and uncertainty.  I gained over 30 pounds.  I knew I had gained weight but after going to the doctor and having him read a number I had never seen in my life scared me.  I hit the breaking point.  For me yo-yo dieting and extreme exercise had to end forever.

In 2006 I started designing routines that worked for me at a gym in NYC and started to cook cleaner meals at home. My routines caught the attention of a few women at the gym and before I knew it I was working out with a group of ladies around me! In 2007 I moved to Los Angeles and dove head first into the entertainment industry. After two years the drive to help people workout hadn't left me so I started testing the waters. In 2009 I began developing my personalized method of training and coaching and in January 2010, after a year of honing my craft, I launched The Balance Method™.  For me The Balance Method™ is the most organic way to center myself and stop abusing myself through food and exercise.

My method seeks to reach balance in three major areas of life: Strength, Energy and Soul.  Through personal training I was able to mater these areas by teaching them to others consistently.  I discovered how to create feminine strength, learned how to love food and have it love me back, and how to center my thoughts, soul, and mind. The "soul" was the hardest without a doubt.  Personal training got me almost there but coaching took it home!  Working with women who shared my same struggles, fears and frustrations caused me to look deeper within.  After years of study I am now able to take the painful lessons of my past to help those currently dealing with theirs.  My obsession has transformed into a passion for helping others achieve their own goals and find their own balance. 

So with that said, welcome to The Balance Method™!  I am excited to meet you and share how I was able to go from hating myself to loving myself.   

Love big, live vibrantly and shine bright my friends!