“I have more energy!”

So here's my positive update! In just one week my waistline already slimmed down. So excited! But most importantly I have more energy and I'm more organized with prepping meals. Very happy with these results! 

— M.H. 

“I finally fit back into all my clothes!”

Well I did it. I survived Becky's February Love Your Body Challenge and the results are in. It took a lot of dedication and a little bit of sacrifice. I made some serious eating, lifestyle and workout changes and I feel great. All and all I lost 9 lbs, 2 inches off my waist and inch off my butt and and inch and half off my chest. I can finally fit back into all my clothes. Bonus! Looking forward to next month's challenge. Bring it on.

— M.M. 


"I continue to learn more and more with each challenge you run, Becky. I'm so grateful to be on this journey." - A.A.


“Everyone genuinely cares!”

The program was great to be a part of. Although I only posted minimally, I appreciated all of the groups posts. 

One of my favorites was the one of the young lady who posted that she was doing so well, to then get thrown off by a funeral. Being an emotional eater myself, I completely relate. The others responses and encouragement was very endearing and motivational. Everyone genuinely cares and is rallying for one another. It's so nice!!

The program has helped me jump start a life change. I have lost a total of 13 pounds. 

Thanks again for everything!!!

— J.H.

“Thank you.”

You have shown me how incredible and uplifting real friendship can be in business and in life.  Your drive and ability to show up pushes me to do more, be more and strive for more.  Thank you for the gift of YOU!   

— J.P.


“I know it's only begun and there is so much more ahead!”

I wanted to take a moment to STOP & THANK Becky jennings today for the woman, friend, business partner, wine buddy and overall partner in crime she is to me. 

Becky is the kind of woman that every girl wants to meet and keep in her life. 

She has ambition that will motivate the hell out of you! 
She has love and compassion that makes you feel safe and supported. 
She has the thoughtfulness that reminds you to be a better friend. 
She has the smarts that make you hungry to learn. 
She has no ego that would ever put you down.
She is a leader you know you can always rely on.
She is a team player you want on your side of the line.

I'm so thankful I met you 2 years ago, that you joined me in this business and we have shared incredible memories.

I know it's only begun and there is so much more ahead....I just wanted to share this gratitude not only with you my friend, but with all your friends as well. 

— A.R.