"They tried to burry us but they didn't know we were seeds"

"They tried to burry us but they didn't know we were seeds."

Many times throughout my life I have felt like a failure.  As an entrepreneur I try many things and most don't work.  The road of an entrepreneur is more like a roller coaster and you can feel like you're about to fall out or throw up at any time.  With each "failure" I've felt that weight of disappointment burying me.  Making me feel like it's too heavy to get back up and try again.  I've felt the frustration, the disappointment, the anxiety of "whats next?"  I have wanted to bury myself under the covers and hope for a miracle to come rescue me. 

But this feeling isn't exclusive to the entrepreneur...

It's felt in the assistant trying to get ahead and being met with road blocks.
It's felt in the employee who thought they have finally proved themselves enough to get the raise they deserve only to be shot down.
It's with the mom who has tried everything and the baby is still crying.

Failure meets us all where we are at and continues to challenge us.  But when I read this quote it gives me that renewed sense of confidence that with every failure there is a lesson and with every moment of wanting to give up there is that fight within me that tells me to keep going. 

I worked with a High Performance coach for 12 weeks this year and she helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. She taught me lessons and offered perspective on things that I was spinning in circles on. 

She asked me "If you knew you had to fail to get to the highest level would you keep failing?"  I knew immediately that I would. 

You see our failures are like stepping stones.  They help shape our success but we will never reach that success if we let our failures bury us for good.  Feel the pain, frustration, disappointment and anger - but let it catapult you on your path towards success.  

Do not let your past failures define your future success.  For who you are now and who you will be is based on how many times you stand back up and how you decide to move forward.  

Be willing to take the risk and fail so you can be better. 
Have the courage to care more about other people than care what other people think of you.  
See the failures as seeds.  Planted as an opportunity for you to blossom into the success that you are.