3 Rules That Will Create Massive Momentum in Your Life

How many times have you started and stopped something?  It could be your fitness journey, healthy eating, journaling, not drinking, not watching TV, etc. etc. etc.  We are constantly playing this game of start and stop and because of it we lose momentum.

The cool thing about momentum is once you have it it feels like you're unstoppable.  But playing the start and stop games makes you feel like a total failure.  So how do we change this? 

There are 3 simple rules that you can implement today to end the stop/start cycle and start experiencing momentum. 

Ready?  Drum roll please!!!!  
Here it is:

1.  Decide to take action.
2. Perform that same action over and over and over and over and over.......
3. Do this consistently over the long term even when you don't see results. 

There you go!  That's how people have amazing transformations, that's how people maintain healthy weights, that's how people get ahead in life, that is how people get "lucky."   They decide they are worth it, they decide it's necessary in their life that they take action and then they do it. They take the action and they perform that action over and over no matter what.  They do it when it's not convenient, when they don't feel like it, when they're not inspired.  They do it consistently over the long term!

Success doesn't have a roadmap that is clear cut and easy to follow. We have to try and try and never give up.  I read a quote today in one of my personal development books that said, "A breakthrough will require a willingness to change how time is allocated."  It's so simple, a readjustment of our time and what we're committing to.  But it all boils down to what action we are taking in the time we're given!  But often it's because of the simplicity that we don't do it.  It's easy to do but it's also so easy NOT to do.  You feel me? So lets get to it...

What are you willing to reallocate? 
What are you willing to sacrifice?
Where do you need to step up? 

If you want something you've never had you're going to have to do something you've never done! Are you ready to dig into your dreams and work? 

This is your year to do it!


PS..Don't let this be you! Keep going :)