I Followed the Rules and Got Screwed

I did what I thought I was supposed to do!

I went to the right college.
I got a business degree.
I didn't take time off to travel.
I got an entry level job at a big company.
I started to climb the ladder.

PLEASE DON'T JUDGE THE SUNGLASSES! It was the early 2000's haha!

PLEASE DON'T JUDGE THE SUNGLASSES! It was the early 2000's haha!

I did everything "right" when it came to creating the life I wanted to live.  

But the big vision I had for my life never materialized.

I worked hard - never got compensated accordingly.
I put my heart into projects - never got noticed.
I was a team player - still got thrown under the bus.

My problem?

I was choosing the safe route.  I took practical jobs because I thought it matched the role I was supposed to play.  I wasn't listening to my passions or heart.  I was justifying these positions because I thought this was the only way to create my dream life.  Sound familiar?

Tired, run down, and wondering what's next?

Tired, run down, and wondering what's next?

When I took the leap of faith to leave the corporate world and dive into health and fitness I was terrified.  But my dad told me one thing that has stuck with me for the last 7 years as an entrepreneur.  He said "What is safe and secure about a job you don't like?"  I had NEVER thought about it like that.  I assumed everyone had a "case of the Mondays" and everyone was "working for the weekend."  Thats what you did right?  You followed the rules and worked until you retired and then you had the "freedom" you were working for your whole life... at least that's what I thought I had to do...

Becoming a trainer was the stepping stone that lead me to becoming an online health and fitness coach with Beachbody. This "job" gave me the skills and resources to REALLY dive deep into my brand and create programs and groups where I could live my truth and help others find theirs. Becoming a Beachbody coach brought my brand, The Balance Method, to LIFE!  Now with a baby on the way, I am creating the life I had always wanted!  I can see it, feel it, and I live it each day.  

At 33, I'm a CEO of my business, I recognize my team the way I craved in corporate and I'm DESIGNING my dream life each and every day.  On Mondays I wake up with passion and the only difference between my weekday and weekend is Charlie is in the apartment!  I stopped playing by the rules and I finally started living.

Now I'm sure you're reading this and super pumped right!  You're excited and thinking "I wish that could be me" but in your mind, you're thinking "I could never do that."  And here's WHY you think that.....we've been conditioned to play it safe, follow the rules and RUN from opportunities in Network Marketing like Beachbody coaching.  But let me say this, playing it safe doesn't get you the freedom you've always wanted for yourself and for your future.  Trust me...I was going nowhere fast playing by the rules.

And I had all the same questions you do:
Is this a pyramid scheme?
Do I have to invest a ton of money?
Is this a get rick quick gimmick?
How fast are you going to take my money and run?
Who will listen to me?
What will people think?

ALL of these questions and more were in my head.  But I was sick of playing it safe and getting screwed so I did my homework and here is what I found:

Let's start with a big one, this is not a pyramid scheme.  A pyramid scheme is a business model that focuses on recruiting people based on a promise of money if they enroll others with the same promise.  It doesn't offer programs, products, services or investments...it's all about having people join on a false promise.  

Now that we've got that out of the way!  The one thing I CAN promise you is that the coaching business has changed my life in more ways than I can count and it can change yours as well.  And recruiting is something I did when I worked at a temp agency (another job I thought "fit" me well).  I recruited people to fill a role and once I filled that role I moved on to the next.  I don't recruit people... I offer you the opportunity to change your situation.  Whether that's health, mindset, your finances or all three, I want to work with those who WANT to grow and improve their lives.

And as far as what will other people think and who the heck will listen to you?  I want to ask you one thing: What are do people think of you now?
Think about it.  How are you elevating your circle of friends right now? What are you sharing with them that lifts them up and helps them grow and become better?  Are you doing that?  Or are you all complaining about the same things, on the same days, about the same people?  

You should know I WAS THERE!!  I know that routine so well because I was there!  I went out with the same people, to the same bars, had the same drinks and complained about the same people only to do it again the next week and the week after that.

I broke that cycle with coaching. Why? Because it ELEVATED my circle of influence and showed me a different path.  I upped my game on personal growth and as a result my business grew. Your income and life will always match the level you have grown as a person and I know that now because of what coaching has shown me and done for me.

I followed the rules for the majority of my professional life.  It got me nowhere.  
I ignored my inner voice and "played it safe." As a result I kept living the same negative days.
I took a chance on network marketing and my life took off. 
I invested time and energy (notice I didn't say a lot of money) into my business and every aspect of my life has improved.

I know taking a chance is scary and following the rules feels safe... But I ask you this:
Are you cool with working day in and day out at a job that brings you little to no excitement or joy just so you can fit into the role you think you're supposed to fit into?  Are you fine working on someone else's business and dreams? If you're cool with that then you're in the right spot.  But if your gut is crying out to run and your heart is saying "take the leap" then let's run away from the rules together and go design our dream life!

I'm running that way! Will you be joining me?