"What if we simply pretended that our words and promises would be on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow? "

Oh my gosh can you imagine if this happened?  When I read this it made me think of Carrie Bradshaw and her “SSB” - Secret Single Behavior!  She didn’t want anyone to know how she stacked saltine crackers with grape jelly in her kitchen!  haha!

This quote by Brendon Burchard in The Charge got me thinking even further than words and promises.  What if our ACTIONS were on the cover of the newspaper?  What if our actions were taped daily like a reality TV show?  Would this change what you do, say, act and interact?  What if how you cut someone off in traffic, snubbed someone on the street, made fun of someone’s clothing, judged someone for their weight…the list goes on and on.  But what if you had to be confronted with your actions.  

This tiny question is truly a call to action.  Let’s make our headline shine! Let’s have the front page of the newspaper be about love, compassion, and kindness!  Let’s make our daily actions so thoughtful that we would be proud to see our cover story published!