This is the first Monday of 2015.  The day most of us actually start our resolutions.  On Jan. 1st I told you I would walk you through my resolutions so here it goes!!  

For the past 2 weeks I was traveling in Brazil.  Wow what a magical country!  The culture, the food, the sky!  It was truly beautiful and delicious!  I am so grateful to have gone on this trip for many reasons.  The adventure, the relaxation, the quality time with my husband, but the biggest and most powerful thing I took away from this trip was a new sense of clarity. 

I read something once that said, “Actions speak louder than intentions.”  And further down it said something to the effect of (and I’m paraphrasing): “Until we have clarity in our vision and mission then our actions are just tasks and we aren’t progressing our lives.”  Clarity.  

In 2014 I asked myself “what are my intentions, my vision, my mission?”  This trip gave me the quite moments of pause and reflection that allowed me to explore these questions and do the digging necessary to find the answers.

Being so far from LA without wifi, TV, media, ENGLISH, and the distractions of home I was able to secure in myself the drive to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in this year.  I’m not kidding myself - I know there will be major road blocks as I work towards my major goals.  But that’s exciting and fires me up!  

I ask you to take a few moments as we start the new year and ask yourself the same questions.  What are your intentions, your vision, your mission?  And then I challenge you to dig deep and truly define and clarify the action steps you’re going to take to make YOUR impact on this world.  This year can be anything you make of it.  

Welcome to 2015 - Lets make it an incredible year!