Its true…


I am a trainer and nutrition coach.  I virtually train people across the nation and I build booties across Los Angeles!  I workout daily and I focus on my nutrition…but despite all that…it is true……I have cellulite.  

I’m a real person with real problem areas and you know what - I’M NOW OK WITH THAT!  After trying for years (at an unhealthy level, mind you) to achieve the “desired look,” I wound up unhappy with myself and not satisfied with my progress.  What I discovered from this emotionally grueling process is that since I wasn’t happy with who I was at the start of my weight loss journey, there was no shot I would be happy with myself when I reached the ideal number on the scale. I needed to get right with myself before I gave the scale any more power.  The number on the scale doesn’t reflect WHO I am!  

It is my professional opinion that our perceived and deranged image of “perfection” has completely contaminated our ability to grow and shine as individuals.  The sheer amount of comparison that flows through our verbiage and manipulates our ideal “image” of ourselves has created incredible damage.  When we have unrealistic and distorted views of what we SHOULD look like instead of what we DO look like, we stop celebrating who we are.  And we don’t stop at OUR bodies!  We idolize celebrity bodies saying, “Oh I wish I had her thighs.”  But the second she shows her REAL body we criticize and tear her apart.  Comments fly about the cellulite that has been magnified for our viewing judgment in the magazine aisle.  Do we really think that is going to make us feel better about the cellulite we have on our own thighs? And for the record 98% of women have cellulite.  Let’s face it — its real and it’s here to stay.  Let’s get over it already! 

I was looking around my gym the other day and was fascinated to see that no two people looked the same!  Every single woman in the gym had a different look.  Seriously not one part of our bodies looked similar!  This visual slap in the face was so amazing!  Its time to stop comparing ourselves to the girl next to us and start celebrating our OWN bodies.  I’ve hated my thighs for YEARS…well since I’m being honest the real number is probably 20 years!  And I’ve given myself hell for them.  Why?  Why did I care so much?  I’m pretty sure no one judges me as a person based on the size of my legs?  And if they did, do I really want that person in my life?  These legs have crossed finish lines and danced in shows.  These legs have biked hundreds of miles and allow me to hike to see great views.  So for all those years of thigh bashing I’m spending all of 2015 giving compliments to my thighs!  I have to make up for lost time!  

I’m sure all of you reading this have been in my shoes.  And I hope this has struck a cord in you and you feel like you can give yourself a break from the body bashing sessions!  Don’t let a few dimples define who you are!  You are an incredibly unique and beautiful person that needs to be celebrated for all your gifts!  Genetics are what they are!  Let’s embrace our imperfections and start building up ourselves and the beautiful people around us! 

I will end with this…Weight is all relative and the number on the scale is not an indicator of your worth.  Health is a journey — there is no end point.     The center of every action we take toward our nutrition and exercise should be self-love.  Let us change our language of why we workout and eat right!  Let us all take the pain and stress out of diet and exercise and do what is good for our bodies because we want a better relationship with our bodies.  Let us silence the voice of comparison and amplify the voice of celebration.  Let us compliment our bodies.  Let us be happy with our bodies. We’ve got one shot in this one body…let’s make it shine!