5 Steps to Rewriting Your Blueprint to Create Your Dream Life

I want to talk a little about mindset today.  I recently finished the HBO Series THE DEFIANT ONES (if you haven't watched it, do it immediately)!  I was so fired up after this series I felt like I could take on the world and manifest every one of my dreams into reality.  As I listened to the story of music legends Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine I couldn’t help but think, why do some people have SUCH drive while others seem to float through life? The answer: Mindset.

People who truly believe there is an answer out there waiting for them to figure out will keep going, keep pushing, keep trying until they find it. John C. Maxwell said, "The greatest gap between successful people and unsuccessful people is thinking patterns." That's it. How we THINK is how we create our outcome in this life.  You see, unsuccessful people allow external factors to control their outcome. They blame their circumstances, their past, their environment for why they are where they are. Unsuccessful people play victim to their negative blueprint that continues to reaffirm their time spent in mediocrity.

I am speaking from experience here. I let the blueprint of my past hold me back. I let my past experiences, failures, shortcomings and road blocks act as proof that I was meant to be where I was.  I let my negative beliefs cloud my daily thoughts and as a result my actions were small. I never played to my fullest potential because I constantly reminded myself of my past failures. "Didn't that hurt? You really want to feel that again? I didn't think so. Stay here..." When you say it enough, you believe it to be truth. Even though it's so far from truth it's scary.

So what do you do when you have this nudging feeling of wanting more for yourself? Whether that's a better relationship, better job, bigger house, wealth, ideal neighborhood, etc. What do you do? Answer: Shift your thinking patterns.

We know this to be true that your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your actions and your actions dictate your results. This is a paradigm used throughout coaching around the world to help you manifest your dreams and truly go for it.  It sounds easy in principle right? Well, the problem is our subconscious has gotten so good at taking care of us and keeping us comfortable that there will be a massive panic attack from those negative critics in our heads. They're going to fight, kick and scream as loud as they can to keep you where you are. Things are going to land on your lap that test your faith. Situations are going to arise that reinforce your old blueprint. Life will get hard! But as Gwen Stafani said in THE DEFIANT ONES: "I hadn't gone through what I needed to go through to write the record that would touch people." 

Changing our mindset isn't just going to benefit us. It bleeds into how we can contribute, give back and change the world around us. With our dedicated effort to be better we elevate those around us to also be better. John C. Maxwell said, "You don't lift people up by feeling sorry for yourself." Mic Drop my friend! 

So lets get to elevating shall we? Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to start shifting your old blueprint to start manifesting the life of your dreams.

Step 1: Identify your "truths."
[Example: I will never lose weight, I've always been big. || I'll never find love, there are no good guys out there. || I will always be poor, I don't know how to make more money.]

Step 2: Find the holes in your "truths" by asking a lot of questions.
This part is where we start tapping into those critics who want to stick around no matter what! 
[Example: Have you ever really tried to lose weight? Like tried harder than starting over on a Monday and caving by Thursday? Have you ever committed to a program, a nutrition plan, hired help? Have you seen other people with similar body types lose weight? Why are you the only one who can't? || Are you leading with love? Are you open to meeting new people? What is the conversation you have with yourself before going on a date? Is it positive or are you already thinking of the Netflix show you'll watch when you come home disappointed? || When you were a kid what did your parents say about money? What negative thoughts come up when you think of money? Do you think money is evil? But doesn't money allow you to do fun things, eat good food, drink good wine and travel the world? Do you want to do more of that?]

Step 3: Rewrite your belief pattern so we can create a new thought pattern.
[Example: I believe that with hard work, consistency and commitment to my goals I can achieve any physical goal I set for myself. I am strong, capable and am worthy of feeling my absolute best at all times. || I deserve to be dizzy with love. I am open to finding a person who will love me because I love me and I know he/she is right around the corner. || I love money because it allows me to do awesome things and create amazing experiences for people. Money flows to me all the time.]

Step 4: Visualize your new life.
However crazy it sounds, when you start seeing your new reality you will start SEEING your new reality. Even though our subconscious is crazy powerful it doesn't know visualized "truths" from physical "truths." So if you keep visualizing your gorgeous house on the hills, over looking a vineyard, where you're sipping delicious wine with the hottest man in the world by your side...don't be shocked when that becomes your reality! It's like you're sending an order form to the the Universe saying, "Here's my checklist of wants, now get to work!"

I love the story of Jim Carrey and how he manifested $10,000,000. He was dirt poor, living in a van, and determined to become a famous actor. He knew with every fiber of his being that he would be famous. He visualized every day directors offering him roles, people coming up to him on the street asking for autographs and he kept a ratty check for $10,000,000 made out to him 3 years in the future. In the memo line he wrote: Acting Services Rendered.  Jim kept honing his craft, working towards his goals, visualizing the living crap out of his future and a few days before that 3 year mark on his check, he was offered Dumb & Dumber and earned himself $10,000,000. 

Seriously, you have to blow this thing up! Write it, visualize it, breathe it, dream it, soak it in like your life depends on it... Because it does. If you are ready to see your true potential it's time to turn this up a notch. 

It's time to shatter your old blueprint, kick the naysayers in your head to the curb and truly live the life of your wildest dreams! You deserve it and quite frankly the world needs more passionate people to bring the joy!


PS - if you don't want to do this alone, I have a team of ladies who are charging hard together to create the life of their dreams. We're called The Blueprint Society and there's a spot at the table if you're ready to crush your goals!