The B.I.B. Method! How to DO IT ALL!!

As a new mom you constantly feel like you have to DO IT ALL.

All the cooking, all the laundry, all the shopping, all the work, all the care giving, ALL. THE. THINGS....

But it's truly impossible to do it all without feeling like you missed something or you're losing your mind, am I right??

Yes, this is often how I blog ;)

Yes, this is often how I blog ;)

So what do you do when life gets messy?

You implement the B.I.B. Method!


Let's start with BLOCK!
This should really say B2 because we're blocking 2 times!

First we're blocking our day. I recommend doing this at LEAST the night before (or start of the week) so you know what you're doing the next day and there aren't any surprises. 
You can use different colors to remind you of what type of event this is (family, work, misc). 

Also, mama make sure you leave white space in your day. For your own sanity you don't have to be chained to this schedule BUT it lets you know what tasks need to be completed and you avoid the famed multitasking which, lets be honest, doesn't work at all if you want to do all the things WELL!


The second BLOCK is to truly block out all the noise!!!

Every mom and every pregnant lady on social media is going to make you feel like you're not doing enough. We are hard wired to go to the negative with ourselves so we have to block those triggers!

Unless a good scroll sesh on social media gives you a little zone out break, entertains you and inspires you, AVOID IT!!

Let me just say YOU ARE DOING ENOUGH!!!! Don't let anything you see on social media make you feel any less. Why? Because we have NO idea whats happening behind their scenes. They could have massive amounts of help, money, time, etc. Don't let someone's highlight reel distract you from the amazing things you're doing!


The "I" in the B.I.B. Method is INVEST!

You absolutely must invest in things that allow you to be more efficient and more effective. For me I invest in things that give me guidance, solutions and streamline my time. I invest in my personal development, business growth and personal health first and foremost! These investments are non-negotiables in my life. 

My mentors and coaches have made such a difference in my life I would never be where I am today personally and professionally without them!! Many times I made a financial stretch to access these benefits. But each time I have been rewarded ten fold.  It is invaluable to invest in YOU.

My suggestion is to do a deep dive into wherever you are feeling the most frustrated, the most stressed and the most "at a loss." Look into these areas and then hire coaches, look into courses and get the support you need in order to truly enhance your life!

My biggest mentors!

My biggest mentors!

And the last "B" in the B.I.B. Method is BREATHE!

You absolutely have to breathe throughout the day. But you have to breathe the RIGHT way. 99% of us are breathing the wrong way and it's costing us a lot. Let me explain.

We have two systems in our body. The sympathetic and the parasympathetic.  We are thrown into the sympathetic when we experience any mental, emotional or physical stress. When we are in this state we experience a surge of "fight or flight" hormones which basically put a stop to normal functions (digestion, diaphragmatic breathing, etc) and promote fat storage.

The second system is the parasympathetic. This is when our body goes into repair mode and is in a calm state where all of our systems can function as they are intended.

The way to access this parasympathetic state on a regular basis is to activate your diaphragm with each breath. It takes practice and intention but when you get comfortable with it you'll find your accessing it all the time. 

I'm pregnant in this video but I show you how to really connect to the diaphragm through breath!

The truth is we cannot always DO IT ALL! But with the B.I.B. Method you can tackle A LOT when life gets messy!!

PS: Here's a little video I did (with Hunter and his BIB) on Facebook!