Want an HOURGLASS figure??  This workout gives you the framework to make that happen!!

Weights, Sets, and Reps are all below!

I used to have what you would call the “typical pear shaped” body. I was a x-small on top and a large on bottom.  It wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I was able to change the shape of my body!
Since lifting weights I have been able to build out my shoulders!  We’re not talking body builder status but I’ve created a cap on my shoulders which gives more of a triangle appearance in my upper body!  Broader shoulders makes the waist look more narrow AND it makes it look like your hips are even with your shoulders!  TRICKY HUH!

Here is the breakdown for this HOURGLASS workout!
(If you have any injuries that will be made worse with this program or are not cleared by your doctor to workout then please sit this one out!)

**Move through each exercise SLOWLY!  Slow means safe!  Control the weights up AND down!  
**The goal is to not be able to do one more rep once you hit 10-12.  If you can do more than 12 then you need to go heavier.  If you can’t hit 10 then you need to lighten up.  
**This workout is designed to have ONE set of each exercise and 10-12 reps of each move.  
**Pick a weight that challenges you starting around rep 3! 

Here is the weight ranges I used in this workout:

**For all the exercises where you perform a lateral raise (arms moving out to the side of you) I used 7.5-10lbs.  You can safely use 5-12.5lbs on these!
**For all the over head shoulder press exercises I used 15-17.5lbs.  You can safely use 5-20lbs on these!
**For the lower body only exercises (no arm movement) I used 25-30lbs.  You can safely use 5-40lbs on these!

Remember this is all about what works for YOU!  So select a weight that challenges you but doesn’t strain your joints!  

xo Becky

What’s your favorite move from this workout?