Interview 17: “Goodbye Diet, Hello Life!”

I started this blog series to empower women and celebrate inspirational women who are kicking butt.  When I came across Megan’s feed I had to include her! Once you read her story you’ll know why!


Megan is a mom of 2, lives in Canada, is a Booty Barre instructor, health coach and entrepreneur. She has started a company called Hello Life which gives women the skills and direction they need to ditch the diet, be kind to themselves, and have the opportunity to become health and life coaches. Megan has created her dream life.  She has the ability to work from home, be with her children all day, grow a team and a business of her dreams.  

For Megan, a big calling in life was to help women STOP dieting!  Yup you heard me!  She wanted to give women the tools and the guidance to stop the madness when it comes to dieting.  She had to go through her own struggles to find out there was more, MUCH MORE to life than simply being skinny.  She now shares this message with her program that allows you to say goodbye to the diet and hello to life!


Megan didn’t have a huge health background. In fact she knew very little about food and was obsessed with weigh since she was little.  When she was young she was in sports simply to be active with the hopes of being skinny.  After having her children her mindset was totally out of whack and in her words “sucked!”  She knew she had to figure out food.  “I thought, well I could pay someone thousands of dollars to teach me OR I could just become an instructor and coach!” she shared about making the decision to learn through implementation.  She dedicated herself to learning all she could about food and sharing her knowledge along the way.  “You learn through teaching. You realize what you’re doing to yourself when you’re teaching others” Megan shared.  I agree with her so much on this point!  You can learn, learn, learn, but until you actually DO you will never know if it works!


Through this process she developed her program Hello Life and found that it totally released the pressure of dieting!  I feel such a surge of excitement when I meet another woman who has removed the pressure of “dieting!”  Last year I was asked by a friend how I could just “eat” and not feel guilt?  It struck me that I had totally removed the pressure from my life when it came to food.  For years I had suffocated myself and stifled all actions for fear of where it might end up of what I might look like as a result.  I counted every single calorie and constantly punished myself for “messing up.”  Along with personal development, I think a large part of how I got over this self imposed pressure was by teaching others healthy habits.  Teaching something provides a mirror into our own lives showing us areas we need to improve.  Just like Megan, coaching is a monumental part of my life so I realized quickly areas I needed to step up my game and that was treating myself better with food!


I admire Megan for turning a personal struggle into a thriving business!  She has helped so many women realize their true potential and learn to define themselves OFF the scale!  She’s facing new fears in this chapter of life and as she grows she’s learning into each new area of her life.  “I never thought I could stand in front of people and teach. I still look at myself and says ‘how am I doing this? I was always the shy and awkward one!’  But I guess my uniqueness is probably why I am doing well” Megan shares.  Listening to Megan talk about her journey was amazing.  She has proven that there is very little room in life for self doubt.  Does it show up from time to time? Of course! But it’s what we do with that doubt that matters.  For Megan, it’s tackling it head on and learning through teaching.


I asked Megan to share some tips with you from her program.  I talk so often about loving your body where it is and at each stage so I was thrilled to meet another woman who is spreading a similar message.  Here were her tips:

  1. Toss your scale!
  2. Stop calorie counting.
  3. Focus on living your life! Stop focusing the food have some fun! Get out of your own way!
  4. Stupid calorie counting apps make you scan a package, that means you’re eating packaged food. 
  5. Trust yourself and just do it! Just show up.
  6. Put your clothes on and just show up! It will suck but it will get better.
  7. Find things that work for you and do them!

Megan is a true leader.  She’s been through the weight struggles, the negative self talk, the confusion of where to begin and much more.  But instead of accepting that as her fate she dug in, decided to take action and learn what she needed to learn to change her situation.  I so admire Megan for all the hard work she’s put into herself and how she’s been able to help SO many women do the same.




Thank you for taking the time to engage in my 17th interview of inspiring women!  Please feel free to share your comments, feelings and send this to a friend you think would benefit from reading this!  If you want me to interview someone you find incredibly inspiring, I would be truly honored to meet them! This is a journey that has no parameters or rules!  Let’s have fun with it and continue to spread the message of empowerment, love and kindness - to ourselves and others!

You can follow Megan on Instagram at @HelloLife.MLockhart