Focus on the destination not the difficulty!

There are some quotes that just stick with me!  A quote can literally motivate me to get up and workout, start a new business, take a road trip, and look fear in the face and keep going! I believe that words can create action and when we take action we are truly living the life we were meant to live! 

I just finished reading Grant Cardone’s latest book called The 10x Rule and while it’s incredibly intense, he makes a lot of really important points.  A lot of what he says smacks you across the face and is pretty harsh, but one of these harsh realities he shared was simply too perfect not to expand on! He said, “Focus on the destination not the difficultly.”  

Think about that for a second. So many of us go through life making excuses about why we aren’t doing what we want to do because of the perceived  difficulty we will face.  What we are saying to ourselves is that our dreams, goals, and the vision we have for our lives are not important enough to fight through the difficult times.  Do we want to get to the end of our lives with this regret?  I certainly don’t! 

What’s the alternative? The alternative is to dig in and go for it!  If it scares you then you must be doing something right!  Imagine if you lived your life with blinders on just trudging on towards your goals!  Imagine if you knew your goals and dreams were so important you would stop at nothing to attain them.  Wrap yourself in the feeling you’ll have when you reach these goals!  We are all put on this planet to do something amazing!  What is your amazing?  

Don’t wait another moment. Write down your dream life, your goals, the vision you have for your life!  Read it over and over every single day as you keep pushing towards this goal!  And stop at nothing to reach them because you deserve to live that incredible life!