Do you know what you’re saying “No” to?

I hear “No” a lot!  But do you even know what you’re saying no to? 

I had an amazing conversation with a gal a few days ago who told me she said “no” to me about four times before she realized she didn’t even know what she was saying “no” to!  I had to laugh a little! That’s amazing :) 

Made me think that YOU might not know what I do as a coach and what my monthly “challenge groups” are all about.  You might be saying “no” too just like her!

I figured I’d put it all out on the table so you can make an educated decision and learn what you’re saying “no” to!

Let me start by saying I know there are countless different methods and ways you can get in shape.  I have tried probably most :) but I what I do in my challenge groups is what I have found works for me as well as millions of other people!  There are several key elements that make up these groups and in my opinion it’s a winning combination.  

There is something special that happens in these groups.  Total strangers find that they’re not alone on their journey.  Total strangers lend support and encouragement and total strangers become friends!  As your coach I don’t just tell you to “do this” or “do that.”  I walk you through the fundamentals of YOUR health. I give you the resources, tools and support you need to be successful in YOUR journey.  


I start by learning where you are in your life.  What is happening in your home, what your schedule is like, where you feel like you are winning and where you feel like you need the most help.  I find out what your diet is like, what you’re eating regularly, what your family is eating and how it is working for you.  I listen to the stress you have at your job, the panic you might feel when you get hungry and when there is a box of donuts in the kitchen or the frustrations you feel going to bed at night wishing you hadn’t eaten that sleeve of cookies.

I listen to the emotional things happening for you.  I attach actions to your goals and take them on as my own. I become your biggest cheerleader and someone who won’t quit on you even if you want to quit on yourself! 

So far does that sound like something to say “no” to?


From there we map out the fitness program that will best suit you.  Something that will fit into your timeframe, challenge you and get you the results you want. We also dial in our nutrition.  I’m not saying you can never have a cookie again (I’m not THAT mean!) but we add in a key element that will support your experience.  Shakeology is that key element.  This superfood blend will give you and your itty bitty cells the nutrition they need to repair years of damage and become stronger, higher functioning cells!  

Now that you’re set up for success with tools that are world class I come in and walk, jog, or run by your side!  This is where it gets fun :) We work together, day in and day out.  I am your cheerleader, your motivator, and your guide through all this!  If something is holding you back, we work through it together.  We are in this together no matter what!  And the cool part is, we become lifelong friends that can depend on each other.  

Does that STILL sounds like something you want to say “no” to? 

I want to share with you what I hear most often.  You might be thinking one, two or all of these! If you are that’s fine!  Read on anyway and see if you get some of the answers you’re looking for! 


But I don’t have enough time! 

Well how much time do you think you need?  True the workouts will take about 30 minutes and I do have a 90 minute meal prep that will take care of all your meals for the week.  Then checking into the group takes about 10 minutes a day.  So we’re looking at anywhere from 40-60 minutes to fuel your mind, body, and spirit! 

I had to realize that there were many things taking up my time that weren’t serving me.  Things that were taking up a big chunk of time but not helping me reach my goals.  I would go to bed frustrated having not moved the needle forward.  Does this resonate with you?  How many more nights do you need to go to bed feeling like you’ve stayed stagnant before taking action?  Could you do a time audit of your life and make your health a number one priority? 


But it costs too much!

I understand you on cost!  I am the “saver” in my relationship and I am always looking for a good deal.  However, I choose not to cheat myself out of optimal health if “cost” is the only factor holding me back.  I believe that the work I am doing NOW will save me money in the long run.  I believe that the cost of NOT doing what I do every single day is much higher than the $4.67 I pay to fuel my little cells with that they need and give my body the workout it deserves.  

Because I’m the saver, I really went through my grocery budget and found that I was spending money on things that I didn’t need.  Oh and don’t even get me started on the sad wilted produce that I had every intention of cooking that sits in my fridge.  Think of how often that happens!  That’s just money in the trash! So do I think this is a cost?  I don’t.  Because I am guaranteed to consume it and for what I’m getting it’s an insane value!  [Check out my blog post about Bargain shopping your health away here].


But I’m not like you, I hate working out!

You might hate it but your body LOVES it!  Our bodies were made to move and the more you move the longer you live!  We have an aerobic threshold where for the first 4-11 minutes of a workout we want to quit!  Our heart is pumping and we feel like we could die!  But once you get past that you’re in the clear and your body finds a rhythm.  Plus I have workouts that range from 22-30 minute. If you can suck up the first 4-11 minutes you’re past the worst!  

Also, you know you need to be doing something active for at least 20 minutes a day!  Otherwise we end up with poor joints, bad backs, bad moods, and we miss out on cool things like playing with our kids and exploring nature!  My job as your coach is to find something you actually enjoy doing.  If we make it fun then you’ll stick with it. 


But I already have a cheaper protein powder!

That’s great! I’m glad you have something that works for you to add extra protein into your diet for not a lot of money!  What we drink in the challenge groups, Shakeology, serves a totally different purpose!  I don’t even classify Shakeology as a protein powder actually because the amount of superfoods in this blend.  It’s kind of like comparing a crouton to an entire salad bar!  One might be cheaper, but the other is jackpot. I look at Shakeology as the mother load of nutrition!  Plus I have found that the stuff I was getting in the protein powders was a lot of fillers and not really helpful at all!  So I was just throwing away money on cheap protein!

I also base my entire meal plan around the nutrition I know you’re getting with Shakeology so it really is important to stick to the entire plan. 


I already eat really healthy so I don’t need that!

First of all I am thrilled when I hear people say they eat healthy!  A healthy diet is essential. The list of benefits range from preventing disease, reducing inflammation, maintaining a healthy weight, a healthy gut, and much more! However, we are at a huge disadvantage in today’s society.  Not only are we bombarded with tempting fast food items, but the food we eat is coming from soil that has been drained of it’s nutrients.  We have over farmed and coated our crops with pesticides so we are consuming fruits and vegetables that are only a fraction of their intended nutritional value.  So while I completely applaud those for eating a healthy diet, adding Shakeology to your routine simply enhances all the good work you are doing!  It does this because the nutrients have been sourced from ancient soils that have never been touched by a pesticide.  We’re getting the best nutrition has to offer! 

Even on a healthy diet you will be surprised at how much BETTER you feel! Your body is finally getting the deep rich nutrients it craves!  I was eating healthy before Shakeology as well!  I found that after drinking this my gut issues were gone, insomnia gone, mid-day crash gone… all this because my cells were finally getting what they need. 


Alrighty!  So now you know all the nitty gritty details!  You can now make an educated decision if the group I offer would benefit you in anyway.  No matter what changing your lifestyle isn’t easy.  It’s like we’re putting on a itchy wool sweater or we’re getting off the starting blocks a little stiff and uncoordinated. That’s why I’m here.  So you never have to be alone in those moments.  That’s the power behind my groups and the reason I am so passionate about them! 

I truly hope to see you in an upcoming challenge!  It would be an honor to help you reach your goals!