Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching

It's true, I left Beachbody and have moved on! I am excited about this new opportunity and cannot wait to share with you. 

I shared in detail about what I'm doing in this video below! In this video you'll learn 4 things:

1) Why I left Beachbody
2) What I learned from that experience
3) What I'm doing now
4) How you can check it out and feel as good as I feel

Check it out!!

If you're more into reading here is a brief summary of my video!

You know, leaving anything you've been a part of for years is hard! Especially when you've created crazy close friendships, have dug deep into a mission to help people through this one specific channel and never want to let people down. 

It's funny when you tether yourself to a product for so long its hard to see other options. It's hard to even entertain the thought of trying something else because "what else could possibly be better!" That's how I felt about Beachbody until this one thing kept popping up. It's like when you see a new car on the road for the first time, and then you see it everywhere what feels like "out of no where" - that was Prüvit for me.  It started popping up in my life for the last 9-10 months and was certainly on Beachbody's radar. 

In fact, it was such a competitive product that it got a lot of negative attention. I listened to all that chatter and since I was still deeply in love with Shakeology and still thinking "nothing could possibly be better" I gave into the negative chatter without doing my homework. 

I kept charging, kept work, kept working my business all the while seeing this Prüvit company exploding.  I had several epiphanies all around Hunter turning 9 months. I took a 9 month in / 9 month out photo and reflected on everything I'd learned and done in those 18 months. During that time I set MONSTER goals within my Beachbody business. I devoted more time and effort than ever and during that time. And watching something go from nothing to almost walking while I stayed stagnant was a wake up call. 

I decided to listen to what I was feeling and give Prüvit a try. 

What I learned, is there IS something out there that is better!  The first day I tried it, I felt calm, focused and had a steady energy. The second day I tried I felt even more focused and calm. By the third day, I had ZERO absolutely ZERO cravings (and I'm on vacation right now so I should want all the bad stuff).  My husband even ordered pizza and I made chicken and broccoli because I WANTED it!  (I should also mention that during this time I was leaving Beachbody and so dealing with a TON of elevated stress and negativity being thrown my way- so the fact that I was calm and measured ... I think the Ketones were working ;))

Charlie tried them 2 days in a row before his workout. The first day I asked him how his run went and was it any different??? He said, "I felt no change, just a great run." I asked how far he went? He said, "A little over 5 miles." I reminded him this was the THIRD day in a row that he'd been running, he was only able to do 4 miles the first day, 3 miles the second day, his legs were KILLING him the night before. And somehow he busted out 5 miles and felt amazing!  His response, "Oh yeah, they must have worked then!" doh! On the second day of trying ketones he had no leg soreness and did another 5 miles. 

As for me, I've been dealing with CRAZY hip pain after breaking my ankle and pushing through. While it's still tight I can rotate it out further and have less noticeable day to day pain. I was also able to get through the workouts that have challenged me the most more effectively!! 

Those results are cool for sure, but what I am so impressed about is the science behind ketones.

Ketones are our native fuel source. Meaning our bodies function at their optimal levels when running off of Ketones (ketones are the byproduct of fat breakdown).  But we've destroyed our body's natural go-to mechanisms by eating our Standard American Diet (SAD for short).  Basically how we eat now forces our bodies to constantly be breaking down carbohydrates, converting it to glucose and we're running exclusively off sugars. It's no wonder we have a society riddled with inflammation who suffer from obesity, diabetes, digestive issues and overall poor health! 

When we drink Ketones, it triggers our bodies to not only create our OWN ketones (i.e. breakdown fat stores) but it starts training our bodies to go back to our native fuel burning power. Now I'm not saying you can eat like crap and still feel awesome.  BUT when we're struggling at every meal to "get it right" having a leg up and that added help is a game changer!

Ok so that's one cool thing. 

Here are more!

Did you know that these ketones directly impact the length and integrity of your telomeres? You might be saying "WTF is a telomere Becky!!" I went to an anti-aging panel last year and they talked all about telomeres. I was hooked on learning more about them.  Easiest way to understand what they are is think of you DNA strand as a shoe lace. And at the end of your shoelace you have that little plastic cap so it doesn't fray. That's what a telomere is. Your DNA strands "cap" so your DNA doesn't fray.  

When we eat poorly, are stressed out and basically don't do whats necessary to take care of ourselves our telomeres begin to fray and we see signs of aging. Not just externally (skin, hair, nails, etc) but internally as well, your brain, bones, organs, everything!  Up until now, I've only know of meditation as the telomere healer.  But now we can drink ketones and give ourselves the leg up on aging!  My grandfather passed away from Alzheimers and Crohn's disease is HUGE in my family so this is very exciting to me. 

Next cool thing!

Having just had a baby and just finished breastfeeding I was TOTALLY fascinated by this fact. Did you know that your fetus is in ketosis the entire time they are in the womb and remain in ketosis until they are done breastfeeding!? Ketones are IN our breastmilk. THAT'S BANANAS!  When I learned that it was a clear indication that our bodies were DESIGNED to be in ketosis! So cool.

Ok one more!

The reduction in inflammation in my body has been huge. I have experienced pain in my feet, knees and hips for longer than I can remember. I thought this was just how it was and I'd live with this pain. 

On day 3 or 4 of drinking ketones I could externally rotate my hip!! I could walk down the stairs without holding onto the wall and without taking one step at a time in pain! THIS IS HUGE!!!!

I am so excited to share these with you!

If you want to try Ketones, message me! I have 5 and 10 day experiences to send your way!!