Build Your Confidence in 3 Steps (Plus Dirty Hair Commentary)!

Summary:  How to increase your confidence in 3 simple steps


It’s important to take action in the area that you lack confidence.  Decided to stop and trust the process. 

Question to ask yourself:  Where do you lack confidence?  And what actions could you take today to start building that confidence.  

Step 2:  COMMIT!

Commit to doing that action on a regular basis.  Daily and multiple times a day.  The more action that you take on a consistent basis the more confidence you will have in this area. 

Step 3: LIVE INTO IT! 

Instead of dreading the action start having fun with it.  You really don’t have anything to lose so play around, get your hands (or hair) dirty and have FUN!  Live into the life you want to have. 

Until next time, love big live vibrantly, and shine bright my friends!