The following list of items I use virtually every day!  They have served me well and I want to share them with you. 
Additionally if you're a traveler, I will share with you what I take with me on trips.  I've found these very helpful to stay on track and while on the road. 


Shakeology is what I drink every single day no matter what! It gives me the nutrients I need on a cellular level to keep me alert, engaged and vibrant!  Check out why I love it so much here.  Pick up your sampler box or month supply HERE!  

**I travel with this no matter where I go! 

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Dumbbells

I am OBSESSED with these weights!  I have been able to get the same results at home as I would in the gym because of these weights. They are compact, simple to use and continue to challenge me in workouts.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs variety in their workout routine. No matter if you're working lower body or upper body we need variety in weight.  This will get it done.

**Full disclosure I have traveled with these on long road trips!

The Grid

I LOVE this!!!  If you're just getting started with foam rolling I suggest you go with the roller I recommend below.  But if you're looking to graduate to the next level then The Grid is where it's at!  This has enough pressure and texture to get into all the areas you need some TLC.  A must in my house!

Gaiam Foam Roller

This is an incredible roller.  I started with this roller and moved to The Grid for extra intensity but I come back to the Gaiam roller regularly.  Not only is it a great roller for all fascia release but you can lay on it vertically and open the chest and spine. WIN! 

Athleena Mini Bands

These guys right here are my warm up!  Ask any client of mine and they'll tell you this is how we start every routine!  I love how targeted and efficient these little guys are!  Definitely a must!

**I travel with these every time!

HeavyMed Medicine Ball

Don't worry this ball is about 2 pounds so it's very small.  I don't use it for exercise I use it for targeted massage.  This saved my life when I was marathon training. I used it on my hips, glutes, hamstrings and quads on a regular basis.  I also have my clients roll with this before each workout to bring blood flow to the major muscle groups. 

Lacrosse Ball

I have a very tight and "bad" back. For me, these little guys are GOLD!  I find a wall or lie on the floor and go knot hunting!  I also keep one under my desk and roll the arches of my feet out!  HEAVEN!  These helped me tremendously with Plantar Fasciitis.  Just know these are extremely dense and will dig into your knots so take it easy.  

**I will never take a trip without these!  You'll often find me in the airport rolling my back out :)