I truly love the power behind these accountability groups!  You are able to interact with and encourage people who are going through the exact same things you are.  Often times we're totally fine with letting ourselves down when it comes to eating better and working out.  But if we know we have to show up for someone else...we will.  When you join my accountability group you are joining a family!  Not only are you immersed in a healthy community but given all the tools to succeed.  Plus you get me by your side the entire time!

If you are ready to rock'n roll then click APPLY TODAY.  By doing so I get to learn all about YOU!  I can do a much better job as your coach when I know where you are at!

This should take only a few minutes!  

I just wanted to send you an overdue thank you for the Challenge!  
I really enjoyed it and it gave me the extra boost I needed to stay on a healthy track for the rest of the semester.  Losing weight wasn’t really my goal (I did lose 5 lbs, which was great) but I lost that layer of extra softness that I wasn’t in love with and toned up.  I really enjoyed your videos and the recipes were awesome.  I felt so great throughout the challenge and the best part is that I still do!  The 80-20 rule is something I can live by (otherwise I get so focused on what I CAN’T have that I give into it).  
So, thanks again and good luck with the future challenges!
— M.M.